Sunday, 26 December 2010

Want You In My Life

This song is for my beloved one. Muhammad Mustaqim Noor Azmi

lagu ni untuk u. i tak tahu macam mana lagi nak cakap i sayang u.

and poem ni jugak i tujukan kat u.setiap patah perkataan tu untuk u.

We share a special bond,
our hearts connect as one,
I'm the sky,
your the sun,

as our minds entwine,
and our love grows stronger as the days pass by,
i ask my self this question,
how did it become so strong after one little hi,

now I'm under a spell,
and i love you in every way,
there nothing you could do,
to ever chase me away,

i don't care about your past,
i care about the present,
sharing our lives,
saving each special moment,

i know sometimes we fight,
but i can't stay mad at you,
i can't say that i hate you and stick to it,
even if i wanted to,

something about you,
it's gets me stuck like glue,
the only thing i dream,
is being together with you,

your words stay in my mind,
my soul glows bright,
the flame that burns in my heart,
brightens up the night,

the devil doesn't seem to exist,
god is the only one i see,
the only thing i think,
if he must really love me,

for each birthday i blow out a candle,
i will wish to stay with you,
i won't ever change my wish,
even if you want me too,

each night that i lay my head down,
I'll thank god for giving me love,
I'll tell him i love him,
for given me a gift sent from up above,

I'm not saying i like you,
I'm saying something true,
i am saying i care,
and that i really love you,

if you decide to go,
i will keep you in my heart,
hoping you do good in life,
and never fall apart,

I'm sorry when i hurt you,
or if i ever lower your spirit,
no matter what remember,
i never want to split,

in my heart,
i want you there,
i want you to love me,
i want you to care,

i care if you mess up,
every one messes up it's true,
but nothing can change,
the fact that i love you,

i know this seems impossible,
or maybe a bit of a shock,
it might wake up you,
like if you were asleep and just got hit by a rock,

i know this might sound crazy,
maybe weird or not cool,
but i can't hold in my love no more,
cause when i do it seems as if I'm drown in a pool,

i know you knew i loved you,
but not as much,
i may have said allot,
or 8 and of 10 and such,

but now i love you more then life,
i love you more then a foot ball Field,
and I'll tell you something,
my love won't yield,

i love you more then any one could,
i love you more then family,
i love you more then softball,
i probably love you.. more then i should,

i know I'll hurt if you leave,
but I'll remember the good moments we shared,
i remember every time i felt down,
when you proved to me you cared,

the way your soul shines,
and your heart attracts mine,
I'll remember the good,
that came with every bad time,

But i don't want you to good,
and I'll try and stop you if you decide to,
and if can't change your mind,
I'll say remember I'll always love you,

but right now everything is fine,
our hearts our fighting for love,
even if yours isn't,
mine wants my sign from above,

i just want you to know,
that i love you so,
and i never in my life,
ever want you to go,

even if i say it,
remember it's a lie,
cause deep down i know,
if you were to leave I'd cry,

so my love,
my angel too,
as i end this poem,
the message is..... i love you...............

by : Denysia Chapman-Madden 

 just nak u tahu. I SAYANG YOU.

yang lain tak payah la nak tokok tambah. buat makin teruk je. biar kami je setelkan kes tu. sekarang benda tak betul pun jadi betul. tak payah nak cucuk cucuk. okay

skali skala jiwang kat sini. ape salahnya.


Encik Tikus said...

sweet =)

Azam said...

fewwit :)

AyuCandy said...

Hehehe memang skrg musim jiwang la.
Btw, kekalkan k hubungan tu
Ay nak tengok korang kawen oneday! =P

zarith said...

encik tikus
// Thanks. hehe

// hehe :P

//ops. terjiwang sama la kita ea? hehe. harap harap dapat dikekalkan. Thank ayu bunga. kiki

AnisZahra said...

Ohh, Cik Zarith jiwang juga orang nya.. Opssy. Heeee.. Sweet habis nok !

zarith said...

anis zahra
//hehehe. skali skala ape salahnya kan. jiwang sket je. he he he

AnAk dEneSor said...

perfect couple of the year..yeay!

zarith said...

anak denesor
// takdelah ira. hehe

Afiefah Safieni said...

semoga bahagia..
kalau ada masalah tu setle elok2 ya .
bercinta tu memang kena ada gaduh sikit2..

zarith said...

sweet la u afiefah. hehe. Thank you. haah kan. tak bergaduh tak manja lah. hehe

foster said...

xbegadoh xmnje eayh?

zarith said...

hahahahaha! gado buat makin menghargai kan? :p

Afiefah Safieni said...

ehn kenapa lama x update ni..
ada masalah or bz?!
smile =)

namivamp said...

manis manis masam masam manis balik-ini poem cinta aku lak ;p

tapi poem itu sangat TERKENA kan?naiss.

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